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What is the TRUE history of this world? Why is our culture in such disarray today? Why do we have poverty, disease, turmoil, natural disasters, and political corruption — all of which are destroying our world on a dramatic scale and at a rapid pace?

The most incredible and true book series you will ever read, The Diary Of Mary Bliss Parsons, by DH Parsons and Elise Brion, is of the same genre as Tolkein’s Ring Trilogy, Lewis’ Narnia Chronicles, Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, and Peretti’s Darkness novels.
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Our purpose is to promote individual and universal healing by providing to all who are willing, direction to the attainment of a life that resonates in harmony with the Will of the Creator.


2014_01-14_Interview copyDH Parsons and Elise R Brion talk to Cathy Cilento of A1B Spotlight about their book series The Diary of Mary Bliss Parsons and its crucial message for this world at this pivotal time, emphasizing the need to return to true devotion to God to bring healing and cleansing to society. Listen here.


Bliss-Parsons Institute offers you the opportunity to achieve recognition for your  explorations into the essence of the human spirit, and for your own personal quest to discover what lies beyond the confines of material life.



Earn a PhD or Certification at your own pace under our guidance in your area of interest.


Books by D H Parsons and Elise R. Brion

The Diary of Mary Bliss Parsons: Volumes 1 and 2


Both volumes are now available as audio.

Discover how to bring Healing to yourself and to this planet.

Read the latest reviews by Dr. T. J. Hawkeswood.


Songs of inspiration and healing from Elise R. Brion

Elise R. Brion immerses the listener in spiritual healing. With her unique voice and forthright presentation, her original songs inspired by the Spirit of the Creator saturate and enrich the listener with timeless messages of Truth and Unconditional Love.

Elise offers this healing gift to you, in communion with The Bliss-Parsons Institute, as a devotional offering of praise and honor for the Creator.







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