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THE BLISS-PARSONS INSTITUTE is an umbrella organization comprised of writers, scientists, intuitives, parapsychologists, educators and theoreticians of many different spiritual convictions and persuasions, who offer their thoughts and experiences via posted blogs and articles, as well as a variety of books and music CD’s found in our website Store.

We are a warehouse of independent thinkers – a kind of “think tank” – the primary purpose of which is the discussion and clarification of the deeper mysteries of life on Earth via the exploration and study of human activity, theoretical science, religion/scriptures and imagination, all with the intent of bringing healing to those who visit our website.

B-PI is not affiliated with any organization, church, denomination, religion or philosophy on this world.

Watch this website for new Book and Music releases, relevant articles, and on-going communication from our staff, as well as visiting contributors. Please be sure to read and respond to our various blogs. Our blogs are written by individual bloggers, each one bring unique experience and insight to the promotion of our principles and goals.

What’s New at B-PI

Meet our new blog contributor, Dr Trevor J. Hawkeswood. He will be applying his observational skills and analytical mind to the mysteries of creation—physical and metaphysical, normal and paranormal.



The most incredible and true book series you will ever read, The Diary Of Mary Bliss Parsons, by DH Parsons and Elise Brion, is of the same genre as Tolkein’s Ring Trilogy, Lewis’ Narnia Chronicles, Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, and Peretti’s Darkness novels. Read more→

Discover what THE DIARY OF MARY BLISS PARSONS is REALLY all about.

The Diary of Mary Bliss Parsons: Volumes 1, 2, & 3

Vol.1Vol.2     Vol.3

Volumes 1 & 2 are now available as audio.
Discover how to bring Healing to yourself and to this planet.
Read the latest reviews by Dr. T. J. Hawkeswood.

Songs of inspiration and healing from Elise R. Brion
Elise R. Brion immerses the listener in spiritual healing. With her unique voice and forthright presentation, her original songs inspired by the Spirit of the Creator saturate and enrich the listener with timeless messages of Truth and Unconditional Love. Elise offers this healing gift to you, in communion with The Bliss-Parsons Institute, as a devotional offering of praise and honor for the Creator.

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